About Kohen Financial Group

Kohen Financial Group has established an impeccable standard for customer service. This has always been one of Mr. Kohen’s highest priorities. Mr. Kohen is widely acknowledged as a visionary thinker, a deal maker, and business builder. His technical skill and intricate knowledge of negotiation and positive consensus make him a natural asset to any investment, residential development plan or commercial real estate enterprise. Under Mr. Kohen’s leadership, Kohen Financial Group is positioning itself to be the leading mortgage banker in the world of real estate finance with in-house loan programs ranging from A-paper, stated income and hard money.

Real Estate Professionals are continuously turning to Kohen Financial Group to alleviate their concerns in the increasingly crowded marketplace, allowing their buyers to proceed with investment purchases.

Kohen Financial Group’s loan programs are designed for real estate investment professionals to make the process of investment funding fast and easy. In fact, our simple loan process enables our clients to close their purchases in as little as 3 business days!